Stock Car Setup Secrets . . . by Bob Bolles 

You have read Bob's tech articles in Circle Track magazine and now you can get more in depth information on how to improve your racing program.


Dear Fellow Racer:

We are proud to announce our new Chassis Setup book. This book is the direct result of over six years of research and development. It is exactly what you need to know to setup a winning stock car for Dirt or Asphalt racing.

Stock Car Setup Secrets is 176 pages of vital information that helps you to understand how all of the components of your race car work and how they can be combined to create a winning setup. The book is filled with pictures and illustration to help you completely understand all of the most important elements that go into creating a winning stock car.

This is not like any setup book you've ever seen. It was specifically written for Stock Cars. It contains all new setup technology to help you understand how your car works in the real world. This book will help you eliminate frustrating trial and error setup habits.



The book covers:

Basic Objectives Proper Approach to chassis setup Basic Winning Design A study of the Front Roll Center Stock Car dynamics explained in easy to understand terms Springs, Steering Systems, Front and Rear Geometry Racing Shocks Tires, Brakes, Gear Selection and Rear Ends Stock Car Aerodynamics Dirt Car Application Testing and Stock Car Safety

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Bob Bolles
CRD Publishing Company


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